Contribute Your Story

We are not big money hunters with access to private lands, auction tags, and vast amounts of international travel. We are working men and women, linemen, engineers, web developers, and former Army rangers. As such, access to public land hunting and open lottery hunt permits is a big deal to us. Do It Yourself, when at all possible, is what we prefer - hunting the same lands, the same animals as everybody else. We're not trophy hunters, in the sense that the size of the animals we harvest play any role in our self worth. Hunting is not a contest against other hunters. In fact, we celebrate everyone's successes as long as they're relatively inline with our own values. We push ourselves as much as we can, we look for the most mature animals we can find on the mountain, but in the end what matters most is the struggle, the adventure, and the meat on the table. 

We love stories born on the mountain. It's that plain, that simple. Our story is no better, no worse than your story. In fact, it probably is your story. If you'd like to share your experience, your hunt, your thoughts, your adventure with our audience, shoot us an email. As long as it's fairly well written, and includes pictures, let's post and promote it. Let's share a campfire and swap the tales that matter most to us.


Chase and Jay